If you’re planning on joining us in the Alps this season then it’s a good idea to start getting your body slope ready too.

Skiing uses muscles that rarely get a work out so a little pre-preparation will ensure that you ski to the best of your ability, reduce the risk of injury and minimise any aches and pains.

Dial ‘ski fit’ into your internet search engine of choice and you’ll find any number of ski specific training programmes and exercise routines to follow but with the nights drawing in and the thermometer plummeting you don’t even need to leave your bathroom to get yourself in great shape for the slopes.

Here are four of our favourite tips that will turn every trip to the bathroom into a morale boosting mini ski break and ensure you get the most out of the 19/20 ski season.

#1: Clean your teeth

Dental hygiene is essential for good health all year round but in the weeks leading up to your ski holiday try cleaning your teeth while standing on one leg. Good balance (proprioception) is essential for both skiing and boarding and you can train yourself to get better at it. If cleaning your teeth on one leg is too easy then try doing it with your eyes closed.

#2: Don’t sit down when you need to go

There’s a reason this tip is #2 on our list. The ‘hover’ is an essential life skill for those moments when we really don’t want to sit down but it’s also an excellent way to hone your ski posture that will hugely benefit your performance on the slopes.

#3: Admire yourself in the mirror

Every ski fit programme will tell you that you need to perform squats to prepare your legs for the beating they’re going to get on the slopes – and they’re right. But many fail to mention that your stance is critical to performing this correctly. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror in your ski position (knees slightly bent, feet under your hips). As you go into your squat make sure your feet are perfectly parallel (so your imaginary ski tips and tails don’t cross) and use your mirror to track the centre of your kneecaps stay in line with the space between your big toe and second toe. Dial up the difficulty with jump squats making sure you nail the landing with feet perfectly parallel and hip width apart.

#4: Get Horizontal

A strong core is key to most sports and skiing and boarding are no exceptions. Fortunately, all you need to build killer abs is a bathroom mat. Before you hop into the bath or shower, lie on your front on the bathroom floor with your toes tucked under and your forearms resting on the bathroom mat (for a little padding). Push your body up so it’s parallel to the floor supported by your forearms and feet. Try and hold this position for up to one minute. For more extreme planks try leg raises, shoulder taps or bird dogs.

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